Superman x Medicom 100% Bearbrick

After the successful release of Man of Steel, Medicom is releasing a commemorative Bearbrick 100% for the release. The Superman x Medicom 100% Bearbrick sports the popular blue, red, yellow spandex suit surrounding the fan-favorite Bearbrick figure. Priced at 1,575 Japanese Yen (Around $16 USD), you can pick up your figure now directly through Medicom.


UltraBooks: Should You Buy?

Ultrabooks, you know those extremely thin laptop computers that don’t possess a cd drive (usually) that are suppose to lead the way to the digital age? Yes, a lot of them are fantastic, lightweight, powerful, but are expensive. Rightfully so, you’re getting a lot of computing power in a thinly constructed machine that can handle some demanding applications.

Pictured above is one of the more popular Ultrabook models known as the ZenBook from ASUS. The price point for these machines begin around $600 and boast a minimum of an i3 processor with 4GB of RAM. While you can purchase a more “powerful” machine in a clunkier laptop for more bang for your buck, should you still buy an Ultrabook? Well, it depends.

If you’re an individual that travels a lot, takes your laptop wherever it may be, don’t work on demanding applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, then an Ultrabook will be right for you. Of course now, there are Ultrabooks that can use Illustrator, and Photoshop with ease. For example, here’s a link to the Toshiba KIRABook. There are also ones that possess a dedicated graphics card for gaming needs.

Final Verdict: Yes, you should purchase an Ultrabook only if you want a lightweight laptop and are on the move. If you’re one that uses a laptop as a desktop then go get more bang for your buck.

LIZ – Who to Follow?

In case you’re not on twitter or don’t follow Riff Raff on any social media platform (which you should), you’re missing out on some great young talent. Her name is LIZ from Mad Decent. She is a young, attractive female who has a stunning voice and has some catchy tunes.

Her music brings back the nostalgic flavor of the early 2000’s with up-to-date sauciness. Known as LIZ_Y2K on twitter, she is very sociable with her fans and her tracks will gain radio play very soon. Posted below is her first music video titled “Hush” where she’s rocking streetwear and kicks better than any hypebeast. To most she is the perfect gal in terms of fashion and personal style. So should you follow her? Damn right if you’re a fan of great music and attractive style.

Still My Jam: Choppa Style

“Want a big fine woman, with some pop in her” For a lot of men, that’s their motto and they don’t even know it. But thanks to New Orleans rapper Choppa, “Choppa Style” is still my jam. Darwin Tucker dropped this track in 2002 in a bout of the fittest and was arguably one of the hottest tracks of the 2000’s. From beginning to end, you cannot resist bouncing to this track, Oh Yeah!

If you’re wondering what Choppa is doing now, lets just say it isn’t a lot. But check out the nostalgic video below look for an independent woman, Oh Yeah!

Note: This is the first edition of Still My Jam Sundays, where Jasper Downey revisits “classic” tracks that have been forgotten but are still the shit.

Man of Steel – Review

This was a summer filled with blockbuster with the return of arguably one of America’s favorite superheroes, Superman. Man of Steel is the 2013 film epic that depicts the “new” beginnings of Kal-El in the new DC universe. Compared to previous Superman films, this one isn’t a pain in the ass with it’s boringness. Man of Steel has its moments of boredom but it picks you back up with the cinematography, acting, and score. At Jasper Downey, we do our best not to spoil the movie but the evolution from Kal-El to Clark Kent is fantastic. Henry Cavill will be playing Superman for sequels to come.

Warning, the beginning five minutes of the movie will make you want to walk out but don’t. We’re just preparing you for very rough camera work but it does get better. So should you see this movie? Definitely worth a ten dollar movie ticket.

Nike KD VI

Nike KD VI

Here at Jasper Downey, we do the whole blog thing as fun so we might be a little late on stuff but we get it out there. The Nike KD VI has officially been unveiled by Nike Basketball. The KD VI is the sixth signature sneaker for Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant.

The KD VI features a low-cut silhouette that draws similarities to a soccer boot. This is fitting because the sport of basketballs has become an international entity similar to soccer (Football) but not as popular. The KD VI features lightweight Flywire and Hyperfuse construction for breathability and comfort. Nike Zoom cushioning in the forefoot while the heel is supported by Max Air. Finally, the outsole is finished with a data-informed traction pattern for non-slip control.

The Nike KD VI first release on June 29, 2013 at the $150 price tag. That colorway was the “DC Preheat”. Which paid tribute to Kevin Durant’s home area of Washington DC. Check out the list below of “hype” colorways set to release in the coming months. Also make sure to check out more KD VI colorways that will go on sale at your local Nike Basketball retailer.

Nike KD VI “Meteorology” will release on August 3, 2013

Nike KD VI “NYC 66” will release on August 17, 2013

Nike KD VI “Bamboo” will release on September 14, 2013

If you want to create your own colorway the Nike KD VI is available now on Nike iD.


Source: Nike Inc.

Drunk Wedding/Destination Wedding Review

Living in Austin has blessed me with great opportunities to see films early, whether it be a week to a month but the latest was really advanced. I was invited to an advanced screening of Drunk Wedding (Destination Wedding) at the Alamo Drafthouse. The film is directed by Nick Weiss, you ask who the hell is that? Well, Weiss is a pretty fucking funny guy who directed a great film.

This low-budget comedy was recently picked up by Paramount and Paramount wanted to give an advanced screening of the film. Drunk Wedding/Destination Wedding are working titles for the film, so when the FINAL cut is finally released, the film may have a different title altogether.

When preview first roll out of this film, people are automatically going to compare it to the Hangover and rightfully so. But, the film is a lot different than the Hangover. The film doesn’t drag on like comedy films these days, it tests the limits on what you can place in a feature film, also it is downright hilarious. There is comedy for all races, sexes, generations etc. Finally, Drunk Wedding/Destination Wedding does not feature someone going missing and a never ending search commences to find out the person was right underneath everyone’s noses for a hour and a half.

Final Verdict: Go see the movie when it finally releases. Also, there are no recognizable actors in this film except one and that’s if you’re into British television.