Where art though Yeezus?


Yeezus, it has been a term thrown around lately by one of the greatest MC’s of our generation. Kanye West’s new name is response to his “slave name” of West. While people are wondering if he is the second coming of Jesus (not really) or has Ye completely lost his mind?

Our response at Jasper Downey is no, he hasn’t lost his mind, in fact he is quite genius. While he has gone a different way from his stellar first three albums, Kanye may have gotten his groove back. Thanks to Kim K (Ms. I Hit it First), Kanye West is set to release an album that is groundbreaking. Metaphorically speaking, Yeezus will be like the second coming of Jesus in music form. Kanye West will convince the general public, that we are all “new slaves” to whatever West may be preaching.

Stay tuned as we will be New Slaves to his upcoming album and give you our take on Yeezus.


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