AppleCare, Should You Buy It?


When purchasing a new computer, there is always the question what if? What if my machine craps out on me? What if there is a faulty part in my machine? Why should I waste extra money on it?

Well, this post isn’t a sales pitch but a realistic outlook on AppleCare, Apple’s extended warranty coverage program for their devices. Apple has offered AppleCare for a number of years on their machines, and there are more good stories than bad about customer’s experiences. The reason why Jasper Downey is writing this article is because Apple is adding new added features to the program that will make AppleCare more appealing to the consumer.

In case you are unfamiliar with AppleCare, it is an extended warranty service that covers ALMOST anything that happens to your Apple device. Usually three years in coverage, AppleCare guarantees replacement of parts with genuine Apple manufactured machinery. The one thing that is not covered is accidental damage on MacBook Pros, Mac Pros, iMacs, MacBook Airs, etc. Accidental only pertains to iPads and iPhones (we’ll talk about them later). AppleCare varies in price from as low as $149 upwards to $349.

The pros of AppleCare are that it covers your machine for three years from the date of purchase. It’ll cover if the Logic Board goes bad or if a fan goes out etc. Unless you’re a computer technician yourself, it is highly recommended you get AppleCare. Not only can you take it to the Apple Store to get service but also you can take it to any Apple Authorized Reseller (That’s what Apple calls those stores) for service that is more personable and a lot faster (usually). The average cost of a logic board is between $600-$800, if you do not have AppleCare or you can pay for a facilitation that is normally around $550, where Apple replaces anything that is wrong with the machine. The only thing “apart” of your machine that Apple does not cover is your data, aka anything saved on your hard drive. With that said make sure you have an external hard drive that you constantly run Time Machine on.

As we move forward onto the future of Apple products, more and more of them are becoming all “one part.” One part meaning that more of the machine’s aspects are integrated into singular pieces to make the machine more efficient in terms of performance and energy used. With this said, that means if one aspect of the machine goes, more than likely the rest is getting ready to die. This is why purchasing AppleCare is important because if you try to purchase “genuine” Apple parts online, you’re probably getting swindled into third-market parts that may ruin your machine even more. Unless you’re a Computer Technician and you can tell which after market parts are close to genuine Apple components, then more power to you.

When in comes to AppleCare+, unless you’re clumsy as a college socialite, then don’t purchase it. Of course there’s piece of mind, but it is $99 up front with a $49 deductible after every accidental claim. Some may see this as a worth transaction but personally I do not. Like I said, most people switch their phones after two years, so you just have to keep care of your belongings for two years to save between $99 to $200 in AppleCare+ payments.

Final verdict is unless you’re completely computer savvy, purchase AppleCare.


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