Sony 4k

4k Television: Should You Buy?

Of course you should purchase a 4k television, it is the future! But wait just a minute. While 4k television is the future of resolution that will melt your eyes, you can afford to wait a moment.

Pictured above is the newly released Sony XBR900A series of television sold at retailers such as Best Buy. While it is pretty pricey as of now ($5000+), just remember the first flat panel television went on sale at retailers at $10k. Looking at numerous demos, the 4k resolution is outstanding! It is pretty scary how realistic the picture is. It feels as if the television is in 3D without the glasses. The television engulfs you in an experience that you will never forget. For the younger generation it will not mesmerize them because they did not experience when televisions broadcasted in analog signals but it will for those older than 20 years of age.

If you are going to purchase a 4k television, I highly suggest a 4k upconverting A/V receiver because of the lack of 4k content. For example, the Sony STRDN1040 possesses this capability and will upconvert any video device to 4k resolution. Yes, it is more money to spend but if you’re buying this television you better use the full capabilities of it. Also more importantly, please CALIBRATE your television. Not only will it give you the best picture possible out of your tv, it will make it more energy efficient which in turn will make your television not stress itself out and last longer.


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