Drunk Wedding/Destination Wedding Review

Living in Austin has blessed me with great opportunities to see films early, whether it be a week to a month but the latest was really advanced. I was invited to an advanced screening of Drunk Wedding (Destination Wedding) at the Alamo Drafthouse. The film is directed by Nick Weiss, you ask who the hell is that? Well, Weiss is a pretty fucking funny guy who directed a great film.

This low-budget comedy was recently picked up by Paramount and Paramount wanted to give an advanced screening of the film. Drunk Wedding/Destination Wedding are working titles for the film, so when the FINAL cut is finally released, the film may have a different title altogether.

When preview first roll out of this film, people are automatically going to compare it to the Hangover and rightfully so. But, the film is a lot different than the Hangover. The film doesn’t drag on like comedy films these days, it tests the limits on what you can place in a feature film, also it is downright hilarious. There is comedy for all races, sexes, generations etc. Finally, Drunk Wedding/Destination Wedding does not feature someone going missing and a never ending search commences to find out the person was right underneath everyone’s noses for a hour and a half.

Final Verdict: Go see the movie when it finally releases. Also, there are no recognizable actors in this film except one and that’s if you’re into British television.


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