Man of Steel – Review

This was a summer filled with blockbuster with the return of arguably one of America’s favorite superheroes, Superman. Man of Steel is the 2013 film epic that depicts the “new” beginnings of Kal-El in the new DC universe. Compared to previous Superman films, this one isn’t a pain in the ass with it’s boringness. Man of Steel has its moments of boredom but it picks you back up with the cinematography, acting, and score. At Jasper Downey, we do our best not to spoil the movie but the evolution from Kal-El to Clark Kent is fantastic. Henry Cavill will be playing Superman for sequels to come.

Warning, the beginning five minutes of the movie will make you want to walk out but don’t. We’re just preparing you for very rough camera work but it does get better. So should you see this movie? Definitely worth a ten dollar movie ticket.


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