Nike Store Releases: Is it You or is it You?

We’ve all been through it, Nike Store releases. A majority of sneaker enthusiasts feel that the Nike Store system is broken, well sadly it isn’t. The inconvenient truth is, it is you and only you. The only issue I find with the Nike Store system is that the releases are at 8 am EDT. I miss the days when they were at midnight the night before and if you didn’t cop online, you just camped at the store the next day. Anyways back to telling you the read it is your fault you’re not getting any online releases. First, make sure you have a decent ISP, the faster the better obviously. Second, be patient. Patience is of the virtue and you shouldn’t give up once you’re placed in the “digital line.” Third, pay your credit card bills. Paying your bills on time is the easiest thing in the world, unless you’re unemployed. Finally, only buy shoes you like, don’t buy because of hype and act like you actually desire the sneaker.

Final Thought: quit bitching about not getting a pair of kicks, if anything you just saved $200 and you should do something productive with it.


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