Dwight Howard

Where Will Dwight Howard Go?

Personally I think Dwight Howard will either sign with the Houston Rockets or the Atlanta Hawks but you never know with the All-Star center. With the exception of last season, Howard was one of the most dominating centers in the NBA. Leading the league in rebounds and blocks, Dwight Howard has won numerous NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards and received plenty of All-Star accolades. There are reports stating that Howard will/will not stay in LA, either with the Lakers or the Clippers.

Here at Jasper Downey, we think that’s bullshit because we feel Howard wants to go into a system that fits him. The Rockets will be an exciting team to be apart of with Jeremy Lin, James Harden, Chandler Parsons, etc. That team is young, flashy, and gives zero fucks on the court. Also, with the Hawks Howard can be back home in Atlanta where he is loved by everyone, we think. Other reports we’re hearing is that Howard will go wherever Chris Paul goes, which he’s as indecisive as the next big market free agent.

Let us know via twitter where you think Dwight Howard will end up!


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