Still My Jam: What’s Luv?

We’re taking it back to 2002 with this edition of Still My Jam Sunday. What’s Luv by Terror Squad CEO Fat Joe, brings nostalgia and is a great hit to hear in today’s club scene. One can bring out the Harlem Shake or two-step to this jam. Also, frequent Cute as a Button Award winner Ashanti shows why her career should be celebrated more. Honestly, I’m done talking about this track and take a trip back in time with the video below!


Sushi Zushi – Where to Eat?

As of late, I have on a bit of a Sushi/Japanese food binge. After a great experience at Maiko, I’ve attempted another Japanese restaurant in the downtown area of Austin, Texas at Sushi Zushi. If you’re unfamiliar with Sushi Zushi, it is a sit down sushi and grill place.

Let me start off by saying it was a way less than stellar experience. This is your typical college dropout place of employment. The employees don’t show any emotion, the kitchen is very slow, and the atmosphere is okay at best. The only positive note of this place is that a lot of people don’t eat here, so it is easy to find a table on the weekend.

Overall, this place did not live to my already low expectations. So, don’t eat here unless you want to overpay for subpar service and food.

Still My Jam: Put You On The Game

The Game’s debut album “The Documentary” was a huge success both critically and commercially and launched a career that’s still going strong today (with a few beefs and several 100 bar diss songs along the way). My personal favorite track finds Game flexing his standard West Coast gang raps over one of the BEST beats Timbaland ever crafted. It makes me miss the days when Timbaland was primarily a hip hop producer before he branched out into producing pop songs with Demi Lovato and Katy Perry. But since producing Justin Timberlake albums has probably made him enough money to buy islands made out of gold plated bricks of cocaine, I can’t say I blame him for going where the money is.

Sid Sriram – Blood On The Leaves

Indie soul singer Sid Sriram takes my favorite track from Kanye West’s “Yeezus” and re-imagines it as the most soulful thing you’ll hear all day. Sid’s hard at work on his first full length offering “West Coast Nightfall Pt. II” which should be invading your ears in the coming months. Let this tide you over ’til then or check out the original “West Coast Nightfall” below.

E-40 – All My N!ggas ft. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q


E-40 has been rapping literally my entire life. In preparation of his umpteenth albums “The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 4, 5 & 6” he’s enlisted Detroit’s coolest druggy Danny Brown and Kendrick Lamar’s right hand homie Schoolboy Q for a damn good song white kids can’t sing the chorus to.

Side note: Schoolboy needs to hurry up and release his debut album “Oxymoron” or I’m gonna lose my damn mind in anticipation.

NCAA Cuts Ties With EA Sports

In midst of billion-plus dollar lawsuit, NCAA is cutting ties with EA Sports. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is facing a lawsuit from previous and current NCAA athletes for using their likeness for free in EA Sports video games. While this does not mean the end for NCAA Football or Basketball series, this could mean if athletes are “legally” bounded to their scholarships. By that we mean, athletes’ images are not bounded as property of the university while under scholarship.

On the other spectrum, EA Sports will still make NCAA Football and Basketball series games. Most of the universities licensing is under the Collegiate Licensing Company. So our final verdict is, college athletes quit bitching because you’re getting what a lot of students would literally kill for and that is a free ride.