Windows 8

Windows 8 – Started From the Bottom

Oh Windows 8. It is the perfect example how people hate something new, but after a few cycles, learn to love it. When something is new and looks totally different, people tend to hate it, because humans do not like change, sort of.

Windows 8 is the best operating system to come from Microsoft. As told by a Microsoft representative, it is the lightest-weighing, no registry, most awesome running operating system we have ever created. I can already hear the “That’s what they said about Vista/7/blah blah blah” exclaiming through the air but hold up. It requires less RAM, fast start-up, utilizes everything great about an Operating System, and it is silky-smooth (which is because of using less RAM).

“But I like the Desktop view!”-Windows 8 has it and it is easy to pull it up.

“But I don’t have a touchscreen”-It doesn’t matter if you have a touchscreen! (The Rock’s Voice) While it may seem like it has features made specifically for touchscreen PCs, Windows 8 is made for both the traditional and new user.

“I just like Windows 7”-Don’t be dumb and stay tied down to an older operating system.

If you’re still “hating” Windows 8, please just use it for a week, it will change your mind.


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