Pacific Rim – Review

Where do I start? Pacific Rim was probably the greatest movie of the 2013 summer, it surpassed my expectations. As any child that grew up before the digital age, I was amazed by giant robots and monsters destroying cardboard made cities. From Godzilla to Power Rangers, the cheesy special effects and poorly dubbed dialogue has always intrigued my mind until this day.

Pacific Rim features great action, acting, and nostalgic flavor. Here at Jasper Downey, we try not spoil any films in our reviews because we feel if you have a desire to see a flick, go see it. In every film Idris Elba makes an appearance in, it is god-like (Thor joke). Also for fans of shows that get cancelled prematurely, the lovely British suitemate from undeclared plays the lead role, Charlie Hunnam.

Overall Pacific Rim is awesome and is probably the first summer blockbuster film in a long time that isn’t based off of a comic book, televisions series, remake, etc. Yes, you should go see it.


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