Still My Jam: I Hate U


Today’s Still My Jam Sunday selection comes free with a little story. It’s circa 2008 and my high school girlfriend and I are on what felt like our 187th break up and she thought it’d be a good idea to go to prom with someone I was cool with to piss me off. Turns out the dude was unaware she was telling people they were going to prom together and flipped out when I approached him about it (I wasn’t gonna fight him, just maybe hit him in the face a lot). He confronts her and flips out so she responds by spilling her guts about everything she knew about me to everyone with ears and going so far as to say I was smashing her sister while we dated (which admittedly would have been more fun but not what happened). So one day coming back from lunch my boy and I see her and her best friend sitting in the parking lot. We park right next to them, roll down the windows and blast “I Hate You Bitch” by Z-Ro. There has yet to be a break up in my life this song doesn’t get at least a dozen plays during.


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