Alamo Drafthouse at Lakeline – Where to Go?

So I’ve come to realize that the Alamo Drafthouse is taking over the world, and I’m not complaining. Earlier, the Drafthouse opened a new location in Austin, Texas at Lakeline. This new Drafthouse location is the biggest they have built in the Austin area. Also, this location boasts a plethora of beers for all you recently self-claimed connoisseurs out there. Anyways, it seems Drafthouse has got the formula right it terms of comfort, logistics, menu selection, and did I forget anything else?

My only qualm with this location and please Drafthouse don’t hate me, the chairs are a bit too close together. When one goes to the Drafthouse one expects to eat, drink, and have fun while watching a movie (while respecting others of course). Every two seats have their own table, so those two respectable seats should be close but the next seat over is too close for comfort. Maybe adding another inch or two would suffice but this issue is not a deal breaker, or a reason to hate the Alamo Drafthouse.

Like I said, in terms of everything a movie theatre should be, the Alamo Drafthouse at Lakeline embodies all of that. I cannot wait to experience the new South Lamar location when it opens. I was a very satisfied customer after my recent experience.


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