The Weeknd – Adaptation


Today marks the release of The Weeknd’s official debut album (the last release was a re-release of three mixtapes fyi) Kiss Land. To even attempt to describe what a masterpiece it is would take all the life force I have at the moment so I’ll save that for another day. In the meantime, check out my personal favorite track off the LP, Adaptation. The main reason I’ve been such a fan of The Weeknd is his poetic way of describing the party scene for young, drug-loving twenty-somethings in a way that highlights all the fun parts but presents all the issues that come with them. Addiction? Check. Trust issues? Check. Fucking up perfectly good relationships with perfectly good people for the sake of one more night out? CHECK. In the end it’s a life you either grow out of or adapt to and lemme tell ya, growing takes a helluva lot more time.


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