Lloyd Banks – Drop A Diamond ft. Raekwon


Lloyd Banks the one and only Punch Line King comes back from a way too fucking long hiatus with Raekwon riding shotgun. As soon as the piano comes in and you recognize the Godfather III scene in the beginning, you know that shit is about to get really greasy lyrics wise. I’ll get past the fact that 50 Cent is never gonna sound like he used to but kudos to Banks for being the most consistent former G Unit member. Sorry Game.


Childish Gambino – Yaphet Kotto


When was the last time you heard some new Childish Gambino? After taking some time away from the mic to work on his acting and new FX TV show (which he quit Community for and I will forever hate him for doing so but whatever right?), Mr. Donald Glover will dropping off a new album “Because The Internet” this winter. Not gonna lie though as dope of a rapper as Gambino is, that title makes me think this is about to fight with “Yeezus” for most hipster-friendly rap release of the year.