Godzilla (2014) – Review

Up from the depths, Thirty stories high, Breathing fire, His head in the sky, Godzilla! Unfortunately no Godzookie in this flick but there is Bryan Cranston. Few things about this rendition of Godzilla, it’s better than the Ferris Bueller version, and it exceeded my very low expectations. That’s all for this flick, can’t wait for the second one with…. (It’s a flying bug).

spider man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Review

Okay, okay, we’re a bit late on this but get ready for us to catch up with film reviews up-to-date. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 kicked off an action-packed summer blockbuster party with a bang. With great performances from everybody’s young couple, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, the film lived up to expectations. In a day where comic book sequels are supposed to blow the previous out of the water. This one lived up to those expectations. With complimenting performances from Jamie Foxx as Electro, and that other guy has little Osborn (Honestly, how could you have not put little Franco in this role), this franchise is setting up to be a great trilogy. Should you see it? Yes! Should you pay to see it? Double-yes! If you’ve already seen it, then buy it when it releases on DVD/Blu Ray/Digital Copy(Sony Advertising Pitch).

transformers 4

Transformers Age of Extinction – Review

Hey guys, it’s been a while, but I’m back with another spoiler-less film review. Destined to probably be the biggest let down of the summer is Transformers Age of Extinction. Also known as Transformers 4, this film is a giant cluster fuck of pointless plot and awesome looking explosions. Michael Bay outdoes himself once again when it comes to a meaningless story. Mark Wahlberg as the lead-role is hilariously bad with cheesy one-liners and a mischaracterized role. Anyways, let’s just say I’m glad I got to see it for free.