Grant Balfour Gets Snubbed from the All-Star Game

If this doesn’t prove that the MLB doesn’t have an East Coast/Big Market bias, what will? Grant Balfour of the Oakland A’s has recorded 41 consecutive saves and got snubbed out of the 2013 MLB All-Star Game for the jackass Mariano Rivera. The Yankees closer has 29 saves but has two blown ones. Sorry, but if a closer has 24 saves and none blown, then he deserves to be in the All-Star Game instead of an aging dickhead. Something should be done about this and also the Giants need to quit bitching so the A’s can get a new arena.


Reebok Big Hurt Retro

The last time we saw Frank Thomas, he was swinging for the fences for the Oakland A’s. Predominantly known as slugger for the Chicago White Sox, Thomas also had one of the most iconic sneakers from Reebok’s cross training line. The Reebok Big Hurt is set to return in retro form. You probably won’t see the Big Hurt on the field, but it will certainly be rocked by sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned to Jasper Downey for release information.

Source: EUKicks