NCAA Cuts Ties With EA Sports

In midst of billion-plus dollar lawsuit, NCAA is cutting ties with EA Sports. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is facing a lawsuit from previous and current NCAA athletes for using their likeness for free in EA Sports video games. While this does not mean the end for NCAA Football or Basketball series, this could mean if athletes are “legally” bounded to their scholarships. By that we mean, athletes’ images are not bounded as property of the university while under scholarship.

On the other spectrum, EA Sports will still make NCAA Football and Basketball series games. Most of the universities licensing is under the Collegiate Licensing Company. So our final verdict is, college athletes quit bitching because you’re getting what a lot of students would literally kill for and that is a free ride.


Matthew Thomas to Attend FSU

ESPN has reported that top recruit, Matthew Thomas will attend FSU. As you may recall, Thomas wanted to be released from his national letter of intent because he felt we was pressured by his mother to attend Florida State University. Lucky for head coach Jimbo Fisher, Thomas will be attending FSU and participating on the football team.
As one of the top linebacker recruits in the country, Thomas looks to be a first-year starter for the Seminoles.

Source: ESPN